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Every business wants to rely on resources that are going to help them operate their business. When it comes to invoicing there are plenty of options for assisting with this. The challenge is in choosing the right option for a specific business. One of many options is Zoho invoicing.

Zoho is an invoicing software that is available to small business to help them take care of their invoicing needs. It is a software that is built with a lot of benefits and features. The company that offers the software has created a variety of different types of invoicing packages so there is flexibility and options for the small business owner.

Zoho possesses most important features that a good invoicing software should possess. Being able to customize invoices and ease of use are two of the critical components. It is an invoicing software that is being favorably recognized by the industry and has managed to achieve some awards in this field.

Free Version

There is a no charge version of Zoho that will accommodate up to five customers. It allows for one user and can handle 5 automated workflows. There are several features that come with the free package. For the very small company or the freelancer, the free version of Zoho is a good starting point.

Paid Versions

There are different levels of paid versions that range from invoicing form 50 clients up to unlimited invoicing. What an invoicing software like Zoho will allow you to do is going to be important to the success of your invoicing tasks. Some of the main benefits of this software are;

Templates that can be customized
Repeat invoicing
Multi-currency options
Two-factor authentication
Snail Mail
Application integrations
Mobile invoicing both iOS and Android as well as windows

For most small businesses they should find that Zoho software is going to meet all their invoicing needs. Especially with the options available to upgrade to the paid versions.

Pros and Cons of Zoho Invoicing

There are several options when it comes to choosing invoicing software for the small business owner. Two that are most favored among the many are Zoho Invoicing and Invoice2Go. There are pros and cons to using Zoho and some differences when compared to Invoice2Go.

👍 Pros

One of the best features about Zoho is that is known for ease of use. It takes very little time for the user to become familiar with it. This is important for those that need to create invoices in a simplified manner.

Another great aspect about this software is that it allows for the fast generation of invoices. It also has some good flexibility to it. There are easy to use templates that can be utilized both for the invoicing as well as the email requirements.

There is a built-in reminder feature that many small businesses find most beneficial. The other benefit is that there is a free version that is quite sufficient for the very small business operators. But, there are several levels of paid versions, so a Company’s invoicing needs can grow without creating the need for another invoicing software package.

👎 Cons

This is a stand-alone invoicing software meaning it is not a full accounting software package. Those that are in e-commerce businesses may not find that this software is able to handle the invoicing load as effectively as some other types of software. The free version is very limited in that it can only handle five invoicing clients. Most companies find that they soon outgrow the Zoho free version.

Comparison of Zoho to Invoice2G0

Overall Zoho scores a little higher among users and excels slightly at customer experience. Invoice2Go does not offer a free version. Invoice2Go may have slightly better support. The payment gateways vary slightly with them both integrating with PayPal, but Invoice2Go also supports Stripe while Zoho supports 2Checkout.

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