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  • Cloud Based Invoicing vs. Traditional Invoicing

    Every company needs to find its most efficient manner of invoicing. Many modern-day businesses are now using online services for this and many other business purposes. Traditional Invoicing There are several different options when it comes to traditional invoicing. A small company can create their invoices by hand and then use traditional mail services to […]

  • Pros & Cons With Using Microsoft Excel For Invoicing

    Businesses, in general, have a lot of resources available to them when it comes to their accounting requirements. One of the accounting tasks is creating invoices. This means the accounting department must choose a method for creating invoices that suits them best. Many choose to use Microsoft Excel for this purpose because of its advantages. […]

  • Do-It-Yourself Invoices Versus Dedicated Invoicing Software

    An invoice is an accounting and bookkeeping document used as a request for payment of goods. It is prepared by the seller and sent to the buyer. But many people take an invoice for just a simple document. Well, the fact is that an invoice is a structured document that may even be produced in […]

  • Free invoice generators: pros & cons

    Mandatory Rules for Invoices Businesses have an obligation to keep proper financial records as well as creating the necessary financial documents that pertain to the business. In many cases, one of these categories will be invoices. There are laws in place that pertain to these. What every business must keep in mind is that there […]

  • Best Invoicing Software for Small Business

    Tips to Help Choose the Best Invoicing Software There are many options available to the business owner who needs to incorporate the best practices for generating invoices. These can be the backbone of the business; therefore, they require careful attention. It is not uncommon for small businesses to start out using resources like Excel or […]

  • Using Microsoft Word for invoicing: Cheap and easy

    Using Microsoft Word to Create Professional Invoices With businesses having access to the internet, it means they can utilize some significant resources for creating invoices using Microsoft Word. But, when doing so, some things have to be considered. There is an option to make invoices from scratch using Microsoft Word, but you could also use one […]

  • Setting up your invoice template: How-To

    Download your free invoice template Tap the button to download your invoice template in standard Word format. We strongly recommend that you read the information (below) and our other guides before you start billing your clients, if you need additional guidance. Setting a Policy for Sending Invoices One of the responsibilities that a business owner […]

  • How to pick the best invoicing software for your needs

    When you choose invoicing software One of the many resources that are available to most businesses is invoicing software. There are several different types to select from, so the choice should be made carefully. 💾 How is it Going to Store Data? The history of an invoice is essential, which means it needs to be stored […]

  • Invoice 2 Go – how good is it for small business?

    The Invoice 2 Go Tools Invoice 2 Go is a small business invoicing software package that also comes with some additional tools to help with the accounting needs of a small company. Templates One of the most important features of this invoicing software package is it allows the users to not only create professional looking […]

  • Taking a Look at Zoho Invoicing

    Every business wants to rely on resources that are going to help them operate their business. When it comes to invoicing there are plenty of options for assisting with this. The challenge is in choosing the right option for a specific business. One of many options is Zoho invoicing. Zoho is an invoicing software that […]