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  • AR Finance – the complete guide

    What is AR Finance? AR Finance, or financing, stands for Accounts Receivable Financing. There are times when a business needs access to funds immediately. They cannot take the time to go through the traditional steps of asking for a business loan. The company may have money coming in by way of receivables, but they may […]

  • When the cash flow is interrupted: Collection agencies

    What is a Debt Collection Agency? A debt collection agency is an entity that helps lenders or businesses recover debts that are past due, according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Debt collection agencies are also called debt buyers and debt collection companies. If you own a small or medium sized business, you […]

  • Factoring for freight and cargo industries

    What is Freight Factoring? There are different types of companies, but what many have in common is the need for immediate cash flow. One such industry that may have this need is the trucking business. For them, there is an opportunity to utilize freight factoring, which is often referred to as trucking factoring. Other types […]

  • Receivables Financing: Do’s & Dont’s

    What Is Receivables Financing? Businesses have many options open to them when it comes to financing. Receivables define the amount that is owed to businesses, including outstanding invoices. These invoices are seen as assets for businesses, and in a receivables financing agreement, the amount of the outstanding invoices can be borrowed. Essentially, businesses can receive payment […]

  • Invoice factoring for beginners

    What does factoring mean? Invoice factoring has become a popular way of funding a business and has increased in popularity as a result of the tough climate that businesses face. Organizations that have less than perfect credit may find it difficult to use more mainstream finance options. This type of funding allows businesses to sell their […]

  • Factoring accounts receivables – why, what, and how

    Getting started with factoring A lot of businesses that are just getting started often struggle with cash flow in the beginning. This can be a precarious time for a new business startup. There are some financing solutions in place for this type of business need. It is called factoring. The Factoring Process There is a […]

  • Quick start guide to accounts receivable financing

    Small businesses are encouraged to grow but are often not given the same financing opportunities as larger corporations. For example, when it comes to business loans. It is much easier for a large established business entity to get financing. One option that a business can utilize to help raise capital is by considering accounts receivable […]